How to Race Jeepspeed


Check out our 8 simple steps to racing fun!

Step 1: Choose your class

Class 1700:

Production Class

View/Download Class 1700 Rules

Class 2700:

Intermediate Class

View/Download Class 2700 Rules

Class 3700: Open Class with fewest restrictions View/Download Class 3700 Rules
Class 4700:

Jeepspeed Trophy Open Class

View/Download Class 4700 Rules

Step 2: Register for Jeepspeed Membership

Apply for your membership and race number.  Once you are in our records, you only need to renew your membership each year.

New Membership: $150.00

Renewal:              $100.00

Membership Application

Step 3: Pay for your Membership

Pay for your membership and race number

Fees are $150/Year for a new race number and $100/Year for renewals.

Step 4: Return Forms

Complete and return forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership Application
Jeepspeed Waiver

The Jeepspeed Membership Application can be completed online.

Step 5: Order your Sticker Pack

Once you know your registration number, you are ready to order your number plates and sticker pack from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(714) 672-0073

Jeepspeed Mandated Sticker Guide


Step 6: Order your Tires and Wheels


Order your official General Tires and KMC Wheels from Jeepspeed

Call 714-719-2696

Our new Jeepspeed Store soon stock all of your Jeepspeed needs!






Step 7: Add race dates to your Calendar


Check the race dates and add them to your schedule!

Event Calendar





Step 8: Register with Best in the Desert


Register with Best in the Desert (BITD) for the races.  
There is a yearly membership fee and each race is registered for separately.  See site for more info once race dates approach.


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