Parker 425

skyler gambrell

JANUARY 20-23, 2022

 Season Kick Off – This race will typically bring 25-30 racers – so make sure to get in early for start position draw!

Tech and contingency are the Blue Water Casino on Friday. The Main pit is only 10 minutes from the Blue Water.

The race is the only off road race that starts on pavement then transitions to dirt.

The Parker 425 consists of 2 laps at an estimated 140 miles per lap. The course plays well with our JeepSpeed vehicles as they race up sand washes, graded roads and rocky hill climbs. But let’s not forget the famous Parker Python where 4x4 is an advantage.

There are 5 total pits including main pit. If you are a new team or limited on man power make sure to connect with BajaPits and they can help with fuel and tires.

Total race miles for the Parker edges in around 280 miles - each year the track is a little different. Total time per lap should be about 4.5 to 5 hours.

With so many vehicles ahead of the JeepSpeed class, drivers and co-drivers need to carefully watch their mirrors on the first lap for faster cars that are starting their 2nd lap.

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Parker 425 Map

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